Welcome to Wild Junkie

We are wild junkie! Always fun and wild!


We are Wild Junkie

The team behind Wild Junkie is small but mighty; let me begin by introducing myself, Brooke Hald, and telling you about WJB! Wild Junkie was born in the fall of 2018 when I decided to expand my wood-crafting business.

Meet the faces and learn about the team behind Wild Junkie


Brooke is the founder and owner behind the brand. Four out of five days a week she shows up stumbling to the warehouse late with a funny story to tell but we don't let that fool us. She oversees the entire operation at Wild Junkie and keeps the team held together like glue. She treasures the special team she's built that makes Wild Junkie what it is today and we love her for that. During her time away from work she enjoys her animals on her ranchette, spending time with family and traveling.


Tori is the girl behind each and every exclusive Wild Junkie tee. She is our head press and print lead. Tori takes her job seriously and has an efficient system at cranking tees out. Her great attention to detail makes her perfect to the job because no tee leaves the warehouse with out a quality check! When Tori is not at work, When she is not at work, she enjoys cruising around in her boogie van, floating the river and finding and selling vintage clothing at markets on the weekends!


Casey is the warehouse manager and she was made for the job. She keeps the team running in smooth operation and doesn't let anything slide by that is less than near-perfect. She is the first one to show up and the last one to leave. This June Casey became a wife to her husband, Briar and she looks forward to starting a family soon! When we're able to get her away from the warehouse she likes to spending time with friends and family enjoying things like floating the river.


Ellie is Brooke's main side kick. Wherever she is you're sure to find Brooke... Unless someones on lunch break, then you can find her laying under the table waiting for droppings. She also enjoys kisses, good booty scratches and makes a pretty good guard.


John is our Affiliates Director. He is the man behind the 'gram and the organization behind all collaboration chaos! John keeps track of all influencers, models, ambassadors, collaborations, photoshoots and anything that has to do with our out of office girls! When John is not dealing with all the women of Wild Junkie he is busy running his own business with his husband, Carson. Together the two run and operate Apache Spirit Bison. Outside of work and being a good friend, John enjoys hunting, fishing, and taking their motorcycle for some back road cruising!