Welcome to Wild Junkie

We are wild junkie! Always fun and wild!


We are Wild Junkie

The team behind Wild Junkie is small but mighty; let me begin by introducing myself, Brooke Hald, and telling you about WJB! Wild Junkie was born in the fall of 2018 when I decided to expand my wood-crafting business.

Meet the faces and learn about the team behind Wild Junkie


Brooke is the founder and CEO behind the brand. She oversees the entire operation at Wild Junkie and keeps the team held together like glue. She treasures the special team she's built that makes Wild Junkie what it is today and we love her for that. During her time away from work she enjoys her animals on her ranchette, spending time with family and traveling.

Colin ..and Oliver 🐾

Have you met Colin at show? Colin is a jack of all trades for Wild Junkie and also Brooke’s husband. He is the man and the muscle behind every crazy idea we have for our warehouse. When he is not helping at Wild Junkie between shows or stealing our candy, he is busy running his roofing and development company.


Desaree is lead of sublimation production! She keeps production of our exclusive t-shirts running smoothing and our shelves fully stocked allowing us to get you product fast!


Justin is our sales manager. He is the guy who keeps us up to speed and organized when it comes to handling our wholesale accounts!


Brittany, our affiliates director, is a 10 year industry veteran with an expertise in communications, public relations and strategic partnerships! She works closely with all of our partners to keep things running organized and smooth when it comes to all things collaborative! Brittany has a passion for travel, fashion, tennis, and all things outdoors.


When we say Wild Junkie is a family team, we truly mean it; Julie is Brooke’s grandma! She has earned the name of ‘groovin’ granny’ at the warehouse because she is also movin’ and grovin’ to help us out where needed. Often you can find her picking orders, assisting Desaree or folding the endless supply of t-shirts! When Julie is away from WJ she enjoys crafting and spending time with her family!


Ellie is Brooke's main side kick. Wherever she is you're sure to find Brooke... Unless someone’s on lunch break, then you can find her laying under the table waiting for droppings. She enjoys kisses, good booty scratches and makes a pretty good guard.


Greta is the resident mouse hunter. She unexpectedly found her way into the Wild Junkie crew and we’ve been in love ever since!